Saturday 24 June

„Wenn man eine Reise tut, dann kann man was erzählen.“

Adventures in international travel. Nothing quite like it. The team’s stories are blogs in and of themselves. One thought she was going to New York – one broken airplane later, and it’s welcome to Boston. Another: luggage? What luggage? Oh, you mean that bag in Dusseldorf? We’ll send it to your home for you. Heat stroke? Good thing the Greyhound is air conditioned. A Bethesda taxi driver who’d never been to West Bethesda. Hitchhiking in America - pure entertainment. And the #32 bus – always an adventure in pedestrian ecstasy after you get off in the middle of nowhere.

But now we’re all assembled (well almost all – still a few in the air).

The sub on the other hand, is anything but (assembled, that is). The parking lot full of tools and parts was the first clue, but the proverbial hit the fan just before the sun went down, as it became clear that the sub really wasn’t ready to go to the base in the morning. Suddenly feeling the time pressure, the team buckled down and the night shift got started. Surreal, somehow, to be sanding the hull to fit the window and lateral line panels in the dark with a battery powered grinder and a forehead mounted flashlight! By the end of the evening, though, the bbq-powered spurt of energy was enough to convince us all as we went to bed that we’d be able to get the boat ready for delivery the next day.